It’s One Strong Performance!

The Brandenburg Group is a high-performance and future-oriented company that consistently expands and develops its product selection, and invests with a long-term view towards the future. Brandenburg currently owns and operates one of Europe’s largest, most modern animal bedding baling operations. 

The industrial group processes native, untreated recycling wood at five locations in Germany and Sweden that are close to the sources of their raw materials.

The Brandenburg Group gets the best out of wood: Just one example is how it uses native coniferous wood to make high-quality bedding for horses, farm animals, and small animals. Brandenburg is able to manufacture any kind of available wood into a variety of products and uses – from sawdust and wood shavings, all the way to certified solid wood sourced from sustainable forestry.

Brandenburg has its own modern fleet of trucks and an outstanding logistics concept to keep our high-quality wood fibers moving to their destination quickly and safely. Our delivery is on time and reliable!