Proven bedding products for horse stalls

You Want the Best for Your Horse

You’re getting the best with PREMIUMSPAN® champ. PREMIUMSPAN® champ is all about hygiene, health and getting the most out of your money. Renown breeders and horse lovers from around the world use these proven bedding products in their horse stalls. The equestrian outfitter Schockemöhle has used PREMIUMSPAN® champ for years, and is convinced of the high quality of the products.

PREMIIUMSPAN® champ is available in three qualities:

beddinggranulates, and pellets.

Give your stall the best conditions, and let your horse shine in tournaments and events.

Veterinarians recommend PREMIUMSPAN® champ

“HVT’s horse bedding gives your stall an optimum hygiene and health. Animals with allergies love the benefit of the soft, untreated material.” (Dr. Dirk Fister)