Proven Bedding Products for the Horse Stall

Quality for You and Your Horse

All PREMIUMSPAN® champ products are guaranteed to be:

  • all-natural products
  • made from locally grown, untreated spruce and fir
  • almost entirely free of dust and irritants
  • odor reducing
  • gentle on respiration
  • highly absorbent
  • soft and safe for your horse’s joints
  • economic in use
  • the highest, most consistent quality

Top conditions for the best horses!

Is Straw Still an Option?

PREMIUMSPAN® champ is the perfect choice. Regardless of whether you choose bedding, pellets, or granulates, compared to straw, PREMIUMSPAN® champ has a multitude of advantages for you and your animal:

  • always available no matter what season it is
  • free of pesticides, bacteria, and fungus
  • vital for precise nutrition control
  • outstanding absorbency

PREMIUMSPAN® champ products promote low waste volumes – this means less work to do in the stall!